Import a lot of materials

Hi everyone,

I’m facing a issue, and despite my searches I can’t manage to find a solution.
I want to import a consequent set of fbx files to Unreal (let’s say 500 or 1000) as static meshes, and create associated materials from UV maps that I import separately.
It is a real pain to do create the materials manually, since I do the same thing all the time (basically set the UV map as base color and set the specular and roughness values.
My question is the following: is there a way to do that automatically, through an API for instance?
Thanks in advance!

There’s no script support currently. In theory you could write your own factory that makes the materials if you have the know-how. Here the api on the factory system, and another api link. Theres also some posts about people writing their own fbx factories, might fall within similar lines.

Also script support is coming, it’s on the trello but unknown when it’s going to actually ship.

As an idea, you can use the scene importer for some automation. If you make a generic material to be the parent with parameters. You can go to File>Import Into Level. In there you can import static meshes with their materials and in the material tab you can point to a master material and explain how it will use the parameters to match up.

If you just want 1 material onto 1000 meshes, you can use the property matrix to apply it to them all at once with ease.