Implementing SLi/Crossfire

Hi all,

I know that Unreal does not support multiple GPU’s out of the box,
but I’m wondering what steps we could take to implement it for our game. We are currently on
4.13, probably going to update to 4.14 soon.
Is it a heavily involved process?
Anyone who has experience with this please let me know!

Thanks in advance

At the moment SLi is shoddy at best.

Nvidia are currently switching to a new SLi system, and in case you didn’t notice, the 1xxx range of GPU’s lack SLi ports on the cards themselves. SLi methods will begin to be handled entirely by software in the near future, but right now it’s basically what I’d call “BETA”.

If someone wants to get SLi working on your game, they will get it working. Whether through Nvidia Inspector or other means.

I could be wrong but as it stands, I don’t even think UE4 has SLi support. I’m thinking an adoption of the new Nvidia standard is paused for now considering.

As for Crossfire, I am not educated enough to talk about it.