Implementing IGenericTeamAgentInterface


I am trying to set up AIPerception component for my bots and at some point I faced the problem “Detection by Affiliation”.

I followed this tutorial to set up teams:

But it did not help me.

For some reason, my implementation of GetGenericTeamId never gets invoked.
Same for AI - AI cannot detect each other (by Friendly Affiliation): Only neutral affiliation works.

What am I missing? Would appreciate any help.


Perception stimuli source component?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I added a perception stimuli source component to a pawn object - but that did not help me.
I attached ai perception component to an AI controller
and perception stimuli source component to a pawn.

You also need to configure senses on both of them. You can also try adding perception component to pawn instead of ai controller but maybe not necessary. In the viewport >show>developer>ai debug for some feedback on the config