Implementing a in-game payment system

Hello guys!

[TL;DR version: Ways to implement a in-game payment system for items and powerups - microtransactions.]

I’ve looked for this in many searches but so far I’ve got nothing solid.

I’d like to implement a system where the player have an option to purchase in-game goodies. Let’s take Subway Surfers for example. You can buy cosmetic items, temporary buffs/power-ups and, if the player wants, permanent items, too.

The goal is to make an hybrid experience where you can play for free and you will find attractive content may you find it worth it, it’s yours for a little price.

I’d like to port a game with Unreal power into mobile…

Taking that in mind anyone have a hint, tutorial, documentation on how to implement a payment system? What we need to communicate with things like PayPal, for example. And if there’s other viable options, like implementing a system where you can securely use your card.

Thanks for your time! =]

i would love to know this aswell

I suggest you look into GameSparks. You can easily integrate currencies, virtual goods, in-app purchases etc and a lot more. Their support is really great and they have an API for Unreal Engine 4.

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Thanks! GameSparks looks promising and relatively easy to implement.

From GameSparks site:

"On July 22, 2021, we disabled creation of new accounts and games on GameSparks. From March 31, 2022, new game launches will not be supported.

Aside from these changes, GameSparks will continue operating as-is for current customers until September 30, 2022. We advise that you start transitioning your games to an alternative service as soon as possible to minimize the disruption to your players. To get started on your transition journey and learn about additional support offerings, please visit our FAQs. You can also reach out to us at to discuss your transition options."

what are you guys using now?

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