Imperfections slip off an animated object

I am trying to make a short film which includes a car that’s animated in 3dsmax using Madcar plugin and when I export and import the car into Unreal Engine and assign one of car paint materials from Automotive materials pack and I enable imperfections (fingerprints, Dust, Dirt, etc.) and hit play, those imperfections remain still while if I have some map assigned to the base color, it’ll move with the object. Is there any way to force those masks move with the animated object like maps assigned to the base color do?

Hello! How are you adding this imperfections? PostProcesses or Decales?

Hi. Imperfections are included in the material from automotive materials pack and there’s a material function and honestly I can’t figure out much about it. Is there any way that I can add dirt using masks that can stick to the animated object?

I can think that imperfections in this pack are created in World space and that’s why they are not sticked to triangles… Can you take a look at material nodes that are used in these materials?

Here’s a link to the master material (maps and textures are not included):

No access …

Sorry I forgot to make it public. Please try again and thanks a lot for your help.

Can you picture it? The thing is that I am using UE4.23 and have no disk space to additionally install 4.26

Yeah sure. I made a collage of this material in a way that it’s readable. Here’s the link:

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