Immersive Keyboard (procedural).

There is already VR keyboard at the marketplace, based on basic interaction unfortunately. What I’m looking for is always a truly immersive virtual experience (that’s why VR exists, right?).

So here is my implementation of VR Keyboard:

DOWNLOAD LINK (142 Mb)](ImmersiveVRKeyboard.rar - Google Drive)

I tried to make it very flexible so the keyboard made from 3D buttons. Layout and placement depends on several parameters such as ButtonInARow or HorizontalFOV.

You can set default layout and it’s SHIFT version by simple string: "qwertyuiop asdfghjkl
… " where "
" is control buttons.

I’m sure our local superiors gonna decline this submission, so if you want this implementation in your project being customized on your needs, write me up directly ([EMAIL=“”]

A few parameters changed:

Thank you thank you soooo much!

Guys, what features would you like to see, if I decide to submit VR keyboard to the marketplace?

Such a stupid idea, lol.

I would just like it to be on the marketplace :stuck_out_tongue: . If it could rotate around the player to stay in front of them that would be nice. Also for it to have an output function of some kind so I can get out what was typed in. Oh yeah and limit the number of letter entries to a specified amount. I could use it.

It will never be there, because it’s (as they said) very basic feature. Like 3D widget interaction keyboard is not lol.

I tried to rotate keyboard but it looked silly, definitely not the experience you expect from VR. As for the other features it’s possible, I could make it for you quickly if you wish.

This looks awesome!

What’s funny is there will be an update out this week sometime for the VR Virtual Keyboard that includes a ‘drum keyboard’ I’ve been working on that is used in games like Rec Room.

Here’s the initial prototype that I came up with last week.

It might be extremely helpful for users and for testing to add a dynamic WPM counter widget to see how effective the keyboard is for text entry.

No worries, But ty ty anyways. I got one up and running in the mean time. Tis a shame that its considered not enough for the marketplace. I think its a great thing for the marketplace. Its got a good sega arcade sort of feel to it that I like.

Nice! Ty ty for the info :slight_smile:

I removed my support forum link from my previous post cuz it just occurred to me that it was an ******* move to advertise here even if that wasn’t the intent. I just saw my keyboard get mentioned here so I thought it was funny that you posted your keyboard around the same time I’m supposed to be releasing an update to the one I’m selling on the marketplace so might as well post info about it.

Yours is awesome though, really slick. Hope you throw it up onto the marketplace :smiley:

I was thinking about it. I’d describe my experience like if you are typing with only two forefingers. This keyboard has the same WPM. I will add counter tho, it will be fun to compete all others)

I already told you guys, never) And I recommend everyone to avoid working with marketplace (at least BP section), if your goal is to create useful products, not just coding for fun.