Image widget disappears after changing its color and opacity

I am trying to create grid with the ability to highlight tiles with color depending on selection, enemies etc. I have created an enum with different highlight modes and created a map in my tile widget (which is part of a tile actor through the UWidgetComponent and Image widget) to get highlight color depending on highlight mode. Grid tile actor itself works great, except for one thing: it stops rendering after changing image’s color in any manner, either by calling SetColorAndOpacity or by binding color to function.
Here is how it looks like before trying to select:

And here is how it looks like after I try to select two cells:

And here is code that I use for setting tint:

void ADaldosWidgetGridTile::SetHighlightMode(EHighlightMode HighlightMode)
	Super::SetHighlightMode(HighlightMode); // Installs field to check highlight mode later

	FLinearColor NewHighlightmentColor = HighlightColors.Contains(HighlightMode)
		                                     ? HighlightColors[HighlightMode]
		                                     : DefaultColor;

How can I fix this problem? This is really some basic feature and I can’t write even it. Thank you in advance!

I’ve never worked with any of that, but without seeing the inner workings of these functions, I’d guess you may have reset the color alpha to 0 at some stage?

Like Ianu_Gor says, verify if the color alpha was setted to 0