Image tracking AR mobile template to ARCore

So I use this AR mobile image tracking example from Github. I try to convert it using the ARCore/Android Assets, so of course I replaced the Assets to ARcore for the images.
In the Blueprint I replaced “Get All AR Tracked Images” with start ARCore Session and can build it and it almost work. Though that might be too easy. It just closes down shortly after it launch. Once I actually got it running and tracked the image, though with an error message when running the app. Now I can even make it start.

Should I do more here?

Moderater perhaps this should be move to the Android section?

You try to start AR session with every tick. Attach to begin play or under an event trigger. Or if use in tick, add “do once” node.

I think the sample was set like this. Also since it is Image tracking with a loop, I though it should be like that? Changing it does not help.

Execute only once the “start AR session” node, even if in tick. Try get all tracked geometry instead of get all tracked images

Thx, I could not find tracked geometry, but perhaps something like this? Still it crashes.

No. The Start ARCore run only once, this will turn on camera and start session.
The tracking can run in tick continuously, because you want to track images in real time.

thx, Can you explain further? So I divide it something like this?