Image that follows mesh

If you notice in this gameplay, when the player gets near a button (wich is also what im trying to achieve as im trying to remake this game) an image appears of a hand that follows the area of the mesh, now i’d like to know if this can be done on blueprints or if C++ is needed, as i have 0 experience with C++, im trying to achieve this with a mesh of a button, and i’d like to know how to make the picture appear (already have it set up)

Im kind of an beginner in UE4 so pictures explaining the process would be nice, thanks!

EDIT: Just posted the question and forgot to mention 1 thing, like in the game, when you press the button the image dissapears until the door has been opened, i’d like to achieve that too, just to clear up stuff.

Looks like a widget would be the best way to accomplish this. No coding need and just blueprints.

My steps of replicated this would be:

On character blueprint: create a line trace from the center and get the hit actors from the line tract hit result.
Line trace basics: Unreal Engine 4 - Line Trace Basics - YouTube

If a button actor is hit, then create a widget with an image.

The documentation for widgets and the tutorial video for line traces should be what you need.