Image Sequence Time drift on Render only

Basically Im running a project using a Green screen, where music has to be synced up as it’s timed with light animation in Unreal.
Ive got a Green screen video exported into an image sequence, then that image sequence ran in the project, where i use cameras to capture the footage to be rendered out later

The video is a 30fps file, exported as an image sequence as 30fps, then imported as 30fps, to then export it from the project using the Render queue back out at 30fps.
So everything should be golden, no?

When I re-import the rendered sequence back into Premier Pro, and make sure its interpreted as 30fps. The video de syncs from the Master I’m using as a reference. Super weird behaviour that I have no clue how to address when at every step I’m making sure its still at 30fps.

The exported UE video length is correct, as the Sequencers timing is exported correctly. Its just Green screen image sequence isnt being handled correctly. Even though it has the correct length when I open up the media player for it.

Not got a clue on this, sorry guys, any help is appreciated.