Image Sequence in Augmented Reality

Is anyone having issues with playing these in AR? I’ve set up an iOS app to track images and spawn relevant actors but for some reason, no matter which method I use, image sequences will not play in AR. They work find inside engine and standalone but somehow after packaging the image sequences no longer play.

Anyone have any ideas?

More research tells me that this is an extremely untouched upon issue and it’s one of the most basic requirements. Can someone join me in helping me figure this out so we all know

I cannot get image sequences working in VR for Quest 2 (Android platform - UE 4.22) either. It doesn’t surprise me that they also don’t work in iOS. Sorry I have no solution but it does appear they don’t work the same/at all on mobile platforms.

That’s interesting. I’ve had to resort to using flipbook animations but I’d rather not do things this way honestly. It seems like such an oversight. Hopefully someone from Epic will notice this and raise it with the team