Image output based on frame position

Hi. When outputting an animation, it outputs frame 0 - 1000, for example…

If I need to stop the render and want to continue from a certain point in the timeline, when setting the matinee to start from a certain point, the outputted frames filenames start off from frame 0 again. I want them to start at the frame it currently is in the animation.

I hope that makes sense.

Anyone know how I can do this?

I would have thought ‘Use Relative Frame Numbers’ would have done this but it doesn’t.


Hi. Any help with this one?

I tested with sequencer but it output the correct frames even if you start in the middle of the sequence. So use sequencer instead.

If you really need to use matinee you can render the second files to a separate folder and use external software to change the frame numbers to what you want.

Yeah, I have to use a batch renamer… which is fine but I’ll also look into the sequencer.