Im still using unreal engine 4.6.1 because i have 4GB RAM and it runs smootly in my PC but im left behind with an older UI and settings do you think my Pc can handle 4.22 or which version do you think is best for me

About My Ram and Pc health

For my opinion, 4.22. I use my laptop which have 4 GB as well, i use 4.22 and it work smoothly ( If you work in a really big project, I recommend NOT to use 4.22 ) It’s actually your choice. (Actually, I never use 4.6.1 ver. I started use UE4 in 4.21 ver tho)

I’m glad to hear that now I can download the update in piece for my ram I’m currently using the engine for practice and understanding the environment

Well that’s great!