Im having some issues with my media material. (Windscreen video)

Okay so have created a media player, a media texture and a material and placed that material on my windscreen. As you can see from below, when I set the media player play rate to 1.0 it works in scene, it also works when I play it in a new editor window, as long as the media player is playing. However when I build it the material remains black and the media doesn’t play. I’ve attached the blueprint code that I think should play it, but obviously that isn’t working. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I can provide more screenshots of other areas like the materials if needed.

First make sure the video is in Movies folder as explained in documentation. And then open up the media player in the editor and reset it’s path by clicking the yellow arrow:


Now show the file’s directory again and it will work just fine when you package the game.