I'm having issues with AI Navigation in UE4

I’m watching this video of AI navigation and then the video maker says that I need to put down “Get Random Point” and I have version 4.21 which doesn’t seem to have that, so now I’m trying to use the “Reachable Point In Radius” but it says I need to put something in for the origin, so I’m wondering “what do I need to put in?” Please tell me what I need to put, because I can’t find any answers for it online so I hope the answer hub will work.

I have 4.21 and it has both “get random point in navigable radius” and “get random reachable point in radius” nodes. Most likely it is one of those nodes that you are supposed to be using. As for the “origin” issue, that can be whatever you want. If you have an object you want the AI to roam within 1000 units of for example you could put that objects location as the origin. If you want the AI to roam throughout the whole map, have your origin at 0,0,0 (assuming your map is centered about this point) and make sure the radius is large enough the AI can cover your entire map from the center point. The origin is really whatever you want it to be.