I'm confused

I have a project in 4.25.4 that looked good. When I migrated the assets to a 4.27 project, it looked very different. Some of the colors were darker, some were lighter, some were more saturated, some less saturated, etc. I figured that was because of OpenXR / Vulkan.

But now even going back to my 4.25.4 project, it now launches with those same ugly colors. How could this happen? A change in the java libraries or something? My 4.25.4 project uses OpenGL and the 4.27 project uses Vulkan. Both arm64.

Check to see what you have set for Mobile HDR, and whether Auto Exposure is running. Generally look through your current configs to see if anything was reset or toggled that might affect colors project wide. Check the default post processing settings as well.

Are you judging your colors by what you see in editor or in builds? I’m still getting used to using the Preview Render Level in editor to see colors in a more appropriate setting. Some of the packages and features I use look very different (flatter, dimmer) when switching between the two. I believe some of the sky related actors have built-in variants for mobile platforms that can result in flatter results if you haven’t designed colors specifically for that platform. Double check to make sure all features are actually present, and that some overarching layer hasn’t been dropped by mistake (like a PP effect or a fog layer).

I haven’t messed with changing Unreal versions so running down my checklist is the best I can do. Is there any way to get screenshots of the results?

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Ya I’ve checked all that. I have an earlier 4.25.4 version that still looks the way I want. It has legacy shading enabled, whereas the 4.27 project, it seems that is missing. Not sure that is the difference. Pretty sure I remember not using legacy and it looked the same, but I’ll remove that and see…

well it’s not the shaders, I took off legacy shading and it the 4.25.4 still looks good.

an even more annoying problem is I can’t update the game I have on the App Lab store. It is a build from 4.25.4, but one day building for arm64 just started giving me:

Fatal error: [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/HAL/MallocBinned2.cpp] [Line: 1228]

…while arm7 still works. But Oculus requires arm64. From looking around the net, seems there are other UE4 games with this error but no one seems to have nailed down why it happens or how to fix it. I have deleted assets 1 by 1, plugins etc until it was down to just a VR pawn, a box to stand on, and a light, with a lot of the plugins removed, and still the error persists. Again, for arm64 only.