I'm a solo dev, working on this, trying to make a living with kickstarter


Hey, my name is Jonas. I am solo developer from Germany, working on Omno - you can see me talking here: http://kickstarter.playomno.com/ . I spend the last two years working until late nights while doing my day job and I quit my job (character animator) in March to go fulltime with this.
Now I am running a campaign to get the funding for the further production and so far it seems to work out. It’s an amazing ride and I can’t believe all the good things that are happening. I’d be happy for some feedback or comments, and if you like it, visit my kickstarter page for more info.
Thanks for watching!

Heiliger Bimbam! If this plays anything close to what the trailer shows, this is going to be amazing. The animations, the world, the mood, the gameplay: all look fantastic!

Thanks a lot for the comment :slight_smile: Had to laugh out loud on “Heiliger bimbam”.

Amazing work !

it looks amazing. congrats on getting that much accomplished all by yourself. you should be proud of it.

@Animjo this is awesome everything looks incredible. Congrats on everything. Love the entire aesthetic.

Wow! That is awesome feedback, everyone. Thank you so much!

This looks incredible, such an excellent job! Solo dev here aswell, i know the struggles. Much respect!