I'm a newbie C++ UNREAL ENGINE

Hi I’m a newbie c++ UE4 and i have basic c++ blueprint and i just started to learn c++ in ue 5 days already my problem is i always forgot how to write any code and i usually review codes in everyday i can just remember a few code.
Should i remember every code ? i want to be good in c++ ue
What should i do ? because i always forgot some code i can just remember a little code
Have anyone experience a problem like this before ? how could you remember code c++ in ue ?

i’m sorry for my english.

You are never going to remember everything and what you will remember comes from repetition. You will eventually get good at remembering where to look up a function instead of remembering it completely.

Repetition is the mother of learning.

Just keep looking it up over and over. One day you will start remembering. Everyone starts this way.