I'm a little curious about why GPU sprites is not supported on Mobile.

Hi Friends:
I’m curious about the reason, can someone provide an explaination from computer graphics/hardware perspective about why GPU sprites is not supported on mobile?


really hope engine developers give an answer

I don’t think mobile devices really have dedicated GPUs at this point.

There are phones with integrated GPUs like the HTC ONE but they are so rare at this point. I am sure as they become more prevalent EPIC will make the effort to adapt.

Could be a number of reasons, my best guess is that most hardware probably lacks support for textures with 16bit floating point channels. This is needed to encode things into the GPU like position, velocity, etc for each particle.

Hey guys, we are actively working on getting these enabled for Mobile :slight_smile:

Thats great to hear. Any information you could shed on this to us? What phones, any limitations, and when might we see these features?

Hopefully no restrictions! And hope to get it in by 4.7 (or 4.6.1 if we do one), or you if you are running off github you might be able to get the change directly.

Update: This will be working on Metal-enabled devices, but GL might take a bit longer (3d textures are required).

Great news.

Sorry, what do you mean by Metal-enabled devices? I’m looking up what this “metal” is and it seems something exclusive to iOS. Part of my game relies on GPU particles, but I’m developing on Android. Can I expect a change to allow these on android phones?

I think he means the Metal Framework from Apple.

That’s what I thought… So, Apple’s coming first then?

Yes, Metal support is being worked on. We might work on it for Android, but it’s further down the line… However if you have an AEP device (Tegra K1) running the high-end rendering path will use it.

Does this work for mobile in 4.6.1? (on Metal)

I tested it in 4.6.1 and it appears the answer is no, has anyone tried this in 4.7?

Yes, it will be on 4.7.

Thanks RCaloca, there are some really great things I’ll be able to do with this :).

Thanks for the greate news!However,I tested gpu particles with 4.7 preview8 with metal checked,but it did not seem to work on IOS 8(iphone 6 plus).

Sadness :frowning: maybe you found a bug. Can you please open an Answerhub ticket for this so it goes through support?