Illuminated Stained Glass Window

hi everyone

I’m new to UE, (coming from unity) and would like to know what would be the best approach to creating a large stained glass window with about 4-5 colors?

Should i simply use a texture and manipulate it in the material editor to create a shader or should i model an actual mesh in blender to which i can then assign the different colors/materials inside unreal?

When inside the building i want it to be illuminated from the outside and perhaps cast a color map of some kind across the inside floor. Ive experimented with emmisive maps to give the colored sections a glow but it does not look very good yet.


Check this out:

Thanks Jacky, that is exactly what i am looking for!!!
I think i should dig around in the official documentation a bit more!

Hi Polydark,

Here is the same tutorial in the documentation as well:

This page does not include the sample project like I setup in the Wiki page.

If you run into any trouble setting up your translucent colored shadows feel free to ask. I’m happy to help where I can. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Tim, i know just enough to dig a deep hole but not quite enough to take a ladder down with me! LOL!

Just wanna say i am really excited about using Unreal and feel i can really bring my ideas to life with it, more so than the previous engine i used but lets leave it at that.

Thanks again

Just a quick update

The tutorial on colored shadows in the documentation you guys linked me to was super helpful but i noticed something, according to the tut only the unlit/modulated-blend shader will cast a color shadow and not the default lit/normal mapped one, so if you want a window detailed with a normal map you must “cheat” by making both next to each other and hide the unlit one in-game.

But as shown in the attached pic both the unlit shader and the normal mapped one does in fact cast a colored shadow with static light. I did this in the new version 4.8.2 and the tut is from an older version, so did something change between the versions or what?

Either way it delivers what i want i just think its cool not have to use the “cheat” as mentioned in the tutorial! Thanx again!


Hey PolyDark,

That “how-to” was written a long while back, in the 4.5 (Sept-Oct 2014) time frame. Some things may have changed. I’ll review the tutorial and update it where needed to reflect the changes.

Thanks for taking the time to post back with your results and feedback. :slight_smile: