IKinema solving for VR

Hi guys,

We’ve done some developments on using IKinema RunTime for VR; The original post is here but I thought that it might make sense to add it here

This is available in our RunTime-Indie product too;

Documentation, tutorials and demo map [are available here]( RunTime for VR).

Impressive ! I did not see the original post so very good idea to post it here.

Great stuff!

I guess you could easily integrate also IK-driven feet position based on the position of the headset :wink:

Yes absolutely, with some logic on top you can pass animation for the feet. Also this goes straight to the footplacement node so you get automatically planting to the terrain.

To make Avata squat, how to do it?

That last video is pretty awesome.

Feet are locked to ground so you need to drive IK constraint, ik task, on hips lower along the vertical based on some logic…

Hi guys,

The VR functionality included in RunTime has seen quite a bit of development since the last post in this thread. As of the last big update we have included pre-oriented motion controller tasks for setting up IKinema Rigs. We have a brand new demo project which you can jump straight into found here:

Here is the solving in action, featuring lower body solving with only upper body data coming in from traditional motion controllers. We are still experimenting with methods to solve for the lower body and have so far been able to generate reliable crouching animation. With the latest updates come accurate pre-set options to ensure greater parity between your players actions and your avatar.

There is a text tutorial on our website to support both the video and demo project if you want to recreate the above, found here: HumanoidVR Step-By-Step Setup

Any comments/feed back/suggestions are always appreciated.

Where can I get tutorials or documentation for the videos below?