IKINEMA RunTime Indie for UE4.21, In-Game Retargeting and Style Shapes

Hi All,

We have a few announcements regarding our RunTime Indie plugin and recent developments that we are extremely excited about.

**RunTime Indie: **

We have reworked our RunTime Indie integration into Unreal. We now support packaging in UE4.20 on wards. To smooth the upgrade process, we have prepared some demo materials.

Controllable Third Person Map: This project features a quick out of the box foot placement and look-at setup on a controllable third person character.

Demo Behaviour Map: This project is our updated demo map containing several maps and behaviours.

The documentation here goes into more detail of the changes. We have boosted run-time performance, added new functionality and fine-tuned behaviours.

We are also giving you guys a heads up that our In-Game Retargeting and Style Shape features will be included in the RunTime Indie package.

**In-Game Retargeting: **

This allows you to re-target the animation from one character to any other ‘similar’ character at run-time. This is regardless of skeletal dis-proportionality and hierarchy differences between the characters.

This is a move from the traditional animation pipeline of one animation graph per character, to one animation graph per character type!

**Style Shapes: **

Style Shapes allow you to take an existing animation and stylise it procedurally. This allows for practically infinite customisation on top of some existing animation that is completely user controlled.

**Combining Everything: **

The above features combined with our existing approaches to procedural animation form a complete procedural animation pipeline.

[Full Ress Gif Here

Do you have an idea when in-game retargeting and style shapes will be available?

it has been 3 months since announcing… maybe a date? @Simon-IKinema

Ikinema is an awesome tool, can’t wait to get my hands on these style shapes!

Any update on this? I am seeing that the plugin is just till 4.19

Ah for everyone, if you go to your account on ikinema, there you can download the runtime indie, it says that it’s 4.19 but actually in the .zip are versions up to 4.22

yeah… except you cant BUILD a project nor ship above 4.20 as others are editor only. so you cant even test a build.

Hey AngelIV, could I ask what you mean? At the moment we are shipping the old 4.21 plugin (which you can’t package with) and the new 4.21 and 4.22 plugins. We ship the old one in case you come across any major issues in the new versions you still have a plugin version that would work with your project.

The old versions are editor only but the updated 4.21/4.22 packages will let you package just fine.

(and we will update the website)

You ship the runtime 4.21 and 4.22 BUT runtime INDIE is editor only for 1.11 version and 1.10.4 gor 4.19 and 4.20 full support. so Having indie licence I can ship a game only up to 4.20 and for the older version of ikinema.
Unless I understand it somehow wrong and I am able to use the 4.22 runtime version with an indie licence?

Hey, apologies if it was unclear, our indie plugin is updated and will package for the 4.21 and 4.22 versions of Unreal. You can download the latest package from your account page on the website !

The package you download will contain two versions of both the 4.21 and 4.22 plugin. One of the versions is editor only and the other is the new version of the plugin that allows packaging. The editor only version is shipped so people upgrading the new version have a fall back in case they experience any issues with the new version.

Hope that clears it up. If you have any issues feel free to get in touch with us on our support forums:

@Simon-IKinema that clears alot. So I can jsut use the Ikinema plugin directly and just don’t recompile it.
Tell me one more thing - style shapes… WHEN? :smiley: aprox.?

@Simon-IKinema Yeah… it jsut works on the indie licence :smiley: silly me for trying the older version. Where can I find tutorials on setting things up that are up to date?

Hey Angel, currently the best resources we have are the pre-made projects that are linked at the top of this post.

The old tutorials still apply but where certain settings are in the node has changed. The .pdf linked at the top of this document explains where the settings now live.

And what about the styleshapes? its a very interesting feature to be honest.

@Simon-IKinema threat and feature is dead??

Their homepage shows currently only a contact e-mail and documentation link. Everything else even the option to buy licenses is gone. Looks like all their plugins are dead now.

I was interested in Orion so I’m pretty disappointed they’re closing down.

Thats something I did not see coming, especially that they are being used widely in the industry :eek:

Seems like they were acquired by apple, Apple May Have Acquired Motion Capture Company IKinema [Update: Confirmed] - MacRumors

thanks for info :slight_smile: Im not giving up on them ! :smiley: