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Hi guys,

recently i finished my new spherical HDR panorama website where you can find more then 50 HDRI Skies with a resolution of up to 16384x8192 Px´s in 32 Bit .HDR format, free of charge, for private and commercial work, without the need of registration and without annoying e-mail spam.

I tested the HDRI Skies inside Blender, Marmoset Toolbag and Unreal Engine 4.
Inside Unreal Engine 4 i used and tested the HDRI Skies in the “advanced lighting map.”

By using larger exposure brackets, lights are unclipped and shadows show details.
To catch the full, dynamic range of the respective scene, one HDR panorama is made out of 91 single images, every HDR bracket contains 7 exposure levels, with a exposure value spacing of 2 or more.

Go grab your favourite HDRI Sky and render your worlds!

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Thank you,

Hey Guys,

if you don´t have noticed yet, i´m finally back in HDR panorama photography.
And now you can download even more HDRI Skies for your 3D Scenes.

If you need “real” ambient light for your Levels or 3D renders, then head over to the iHDRI Gallery and download your favourite HDRI Sky with a resolution of up to 16K for free.
Just make sure to be logged in to your Google Account, because all HDRI Skies are stored on the Google Drive.

Happy rendering,
Elvis from :slight_smile: