Ignore actors in AI Pawn Sensing or AI Perception?

EDIT: Reformed my question

I have a player character and an AI character. I use pawn sensing to detect the player, it works as it should. But when I shoot towards the AI, it stops, then it resumes his chase after the player.

The shooting part is just spawning a Projectile Blueprint in front of the player.

Both the Player character and the Projectile have different collision properties, even different tags, but the AI, still detects it.
Is there any way to tell the AI to ignore the projectile?

PS.: Using a heavily modified “TwinStick Project”(if you wanna know what kind of projectile I use)

EDIT: Easier edit than before. There is an option inside the Projectile actor’s Projectile Movement called “Can ever affect navigation”. Untick that, and you’re ready to go.

I have fixed my problem. Let me explain if you encounter such problem in the future.

First, here is a video to see what is going on: https://i.gyazo.com/6041460e5e9f21c356762cacf89f54eb.mp4

(You can enable this graphical debugging with the ’ key) As you can see, my AIcharacter senses the player, starts to chase it, but when I shoot the projectile, something weird happens to the nav mesh.

The problem was that the nav mesh, was enclosing the whole level. Even though it did not have collisions, somehow my projectile collided with the navmesh, causing it to rebuild on runtime, that is why the AI stopped for a brief moment. Solution: lowered the navmesh, to be exactly ONLY on the floor so it does not collide with anything.