If you had the chance to collaborate to the developement of a new game for a famous franchise...

… which one would it be?
Personally, a new Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic episode.

A new addition to the Chrono Series for sure! I’m a huge fan of the Chrono Franchise (just played through Chrono Cross again recently) and would love to see the story continue.

Prince of Persia !!!

I’ve been waiting for a sequel or even a reboot but dang…

Y u do dis UBISoft ? ;-;

Half-Life 3, Mass Effect 4

System shock 3! Or a Thief 4! (A real Thief 4.)

GTA 6, Half Life 3, and a new ANNO.

The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, ANNO and Bioshock. :slight_smile:

Half life 3 or a final fantasy 6 remake.

Just thought of another one! Age of Empires 4! or the new Total war game!

Since you guys are adding more than one game, I feel like naming another one myself ;). It would definitely be Painkiller. This franchise needs a fresh reboot ~

Oh man! That’s a great choice!

Sadly, this franchise keeps going down although it has a lot of potential in my opinion.

But if we could do it ourselves… Then we could save this game! :slight_smile:

I would definitely be up for it lol correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Overdose was a fanmade game yet they managed to publish it and make it an official Painkiller game.

Open World Unreal III for VR, maybe epic could make this a community collaboration like UT4 , or not

Yes, yes it was. I am going a little of topic here. But look at what they did to Thief 4! It was a money grab. And that’s what a lot of companies are doing nowadays.

Dude I can’t reply to you. Your inbox is full… do something !

I’d really want to make a proper Turn Based RPG set in the Warhammer 40k universe.

Command and Conquer. EA has done the franchise an enormous amount of damage over recent years, but I feel I could really do it justice.

I’d establish a new series with a different alt-history timeline, this time set in a First World War that hasn’t ended thanks to meddling in the timeline. I’d love to have the major protagonists as a newly formed fascist British empire, sweeping across Europe.

I am with you 100%