If this works it would save me tons of buildtimes, simple invert selection workflow


The Invert Selection option in the World Outliner also selects actors that are filtered (hidden).
I can’t use “Overridden Light Map Res” because of these selected non SM objects like lights, cameras,…
Also, even if I hide all non SM actors and I select some SM’s and do Invert, then the “Overridden Light Map Res” option doesn’t appear either, and I only have SM objects selected…how is that possible??

If this would work we would be able to test lighting very quickly for one or more objects with a very simple and fast workflow

And totaly awesome would be:

  1. Using a “Selection filter”, select “Mesh” (lights, cams,…are not selectable anymore)
  2. Ctrl-Alt-Left click and drag a rectangle around the objects in front of you (or select some objects by hand)
  3. Invert that selection
  4. Fill in a low Light Map Res
  5. Hit Build.

There is a Filter in the Content browser but not in the World Outliner :frowning: