If PSA Velocity is enabled in my emitter, should the Orbit module cause the mesh particles to rotate?

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to make a cloud of randomly moving bugs.

I have PSA Velocity enabled in the Required module. That seems to be working correctly, e.g. If I add a constant acceleration or an attractor, they align correctly as they move. But when I add an orbit module, they don’t. The bugs’ positions offset and orbit around their original centers, but the actual rotation of the meshes is unaffected. Is that correct behavior?

I found this question in which EddieFaria asks about a school of fish.

Based on what I can tell, his setup is doing what I want - the fish’s spinning motion are controlled with an Orbit, and the mesh’s rotations are handled correctly. What am I missing?


I know it’s years later but wanted to answer this in case someone else lands here.
Enable “Orbit Module Affects Velocity Alignment” inside Emitter settings to align orbiting particles to velocity.