IES profile impossible on static spot lights?

I have an indoor scene with about 30 spot lights. I can’t use stationary because they’re too close from each others and I get the red X mark. Can we use IES profile on static lights? I can’t get it to work properly. It won’t let me load the IES in the light function material slot. Thanks.

IES is intended for Point Lights, and may be cut off if you use it on Spot Lights.

haven’t tested it properly, but can you just switch them back to static after you’ve set the ies profie in stationary? seems to still work for me

  1. Put it on a point light, put all the lights at static for baking. This will get rid of your red "x"s because they have to many overlapping, this will not happen with static.

  2. Most IES will be pointed toward x? access I believe so you will have to rotate them.

  3. Change the scale if you are getting banding in the light.

  4. Here is the fun part, click the light and in the details>light>expanded menu (little down arrow in light section) there are extended options. Dissable cast dynamic shadows and affect translucent lighting. Now your lights you are backing are basically free performance wise. The most i have done yet is 300 static IES lights in a room and it had took up only .04ms of my render thread.

  5. Laugh manically while rubbing your hands together.

  6. Add in limited global stationary lights for lighting any movable objects. or just do other cheats like “light object as static”, blob shadows, etc.

  7. Don’t talk about Light Club.

Oh and if u want stationary instead of static mserena is right you can switch them back and forth, just apply them when static. Just cut down on the attenuation radius or only witch some so you don’t have overlaying lights. The x shows up at 4 or more stationary.

Thanks. I already use static light tho, but they’re spot lights. I’m going to convert all of them into point light with ies…Does point lights become directional once you put an IES tho?.
For now 100% static is the best option.

You were completely right LMP3D. Spot lights with ies on static will look exactly like point light with ies but only if you put high values in inner/outer cone so it does not restrict the IES profile. Thanks everybody!