[IDEAS] Modular Curvature constrain on side-scrolling games

I had an idea about making a 3D-Sidescrolling game, but I have no coding experience, can’t figure out a way.

What I tried to do is that I’m trying to make actor movement snaps to a curvature plane, which can be mapped into a 3D branch on XY plane. I don’t know how to say it correctly…

basically, in the begining the actor will be walking on a plane, then, a branch in path appears, the player can use input to choose which way to go. It is doable if the path are straight vector, and it’s easy to achieve.

Yea, turning while moving in side-scrolling mode

But, what I’m imagining is, a modular curve path and junction system, or navigation system, which all game characters will only be able to walk along those curves. And curves can have heights, which is basically the limiting factor of how high a walk-able scene will be. And into more creativity, it’s also possible to swap the coordinate system, so players can enter a YZ plane where he walks on the wall in XY plane and discover new stuff.

I maybe imagined too much here, but I thought it would be really great if UE4 can implement something like that. Indie developers and even professional platformer developer would be inspired. LOL or not.

Anyway just thought it’s interesting to share with people since I may not have the ability to bring it alive alone.

Look at Spline scrollers such as Sonic 3D.

It is a spline system of locomotion that would probably be easiest for you to implement for it. It’s been done in UDK and there was even a kit for it.

I actually found spline in UE4 recently, but I have no idea what it does or how to use it… since you mentioned it, I’ll go try again, thanks!