Ideas for my Senior AI Project next fall!

Hey all,

I know you all may be thinking “oh man this doesn’t belong here” but I believe any of you could help me! Right now I am junior studying Computer Science. I love working in Blender and Unreal Engine 4 (in fact I am designing a game right now). My Senior Capstone project has to be either an engineering project or a Research Project and the Grad school for Computer Art and Design I want to get into you need some kind of portfolio. After talking with my adviser I wanted to try and think of something where I could incorporate some type of Game development into my Capstone (it’s never been done before and my adviser thinks that working with these engine would be really cool and different) we were trying to think of different ways to do this and the idea of creating an Artificial Intelligence in Unreal Engine 4 came up. This got me excited because I would then be able to refine my skills in UE4’s AI system.

SO the question is, what kind of AI should I make? I need something complex and different. Somehow make the AI teach itself how to do a certain thing (if that is at all possible in Unreal Engine 4). We tried thinking of different AIs, but got a little stuck (mainly because my adviser has never used or heard of UE4) The reason I am asking is because I want to know what you would like to see done. I need a few ideas to bring to the chairman of Computer Science.

Even if it sounds outlandish an weird Post an idea below! Who knows I may even choose yours to work with!

Nathaniel Hill

PS also if this doesn’t belong in this area, let me know and I’ll move it :slight_smile:

Try traffic. Either people, or vehicles. Infamous 2nd son had some cool traffic, and people ai in game.

yeah crowd simulation is always a hard and interesting task, maybe with ue4 you have to think in a smaller scale because of engine limitations (crowd rendering, AI system performance), so you could deal with battle tactics (modern or ancient) that adjusts to player behavior, weather, terrain, and to other environmental properties.

You dont have to think in a smaller scale in UE4. Infamous 2nd son is a very nicely done game, and nice looking, and feels close to a living breathing world with artificial intelligence while still being a game. It’s not as complex a system as gta. Battle tactics can be difficult especially mob/crowd type.

I meant by smaller scale to deal with less characters instead of crowd and city traffic.

How well does UE4 handle and take care of 1 player games like Chess or cards where you play against the computer? Also is one able to pin an AI vs another AI in UE4?