Ideal lighting setup for open world with structures..?

Hi all,

I’m in the process of doing some pre vis for a 3rd person open world single player game.

It will have realtime of day/night cycles, all explorable terrain, buildings, underground areas and lights the player can turn on and off inside and out, and also a torch light the player will carry around.

Bearing all this in mind, what would the ideal lighting solution be? Lightmaps or dynamic? It’s going to be fairly simplistic graphics with not much texturing or normal maps either.

If it has to be a mix of lighting solutions, which ones and where/why please?

thanks for your advice,


Look how Fortnite battleroyal is doing it’s lighting.

If the lights are animated then your only option is dynamic lighting. Also, if the map is large enough then you wouldn’t be able to build the lighting if you used lightmaps since it would require too much RAM.

Thanks for the advice guys, I’ll check it out.
looks like dynamic lighting is the way to go- I’ve also checked out a few other threads about this too and came to the same conclusion.
Last thing, what would be the main thing I’d have to build in or bear in mind if say 90% of it will be dunamic lighing please?
anything I should consider?

Thanks again.

Keep in mind, dynamic lighting have it`s own limitations, and the biggest is a lack of GI, all your interiors and shadowed areas will look flat, to overcome this you can try to use DFAO with a combination of LPV, here some links to check…ientOcclusion/…tion-Volume-)=