Idea: VR Sickness Slider

Hello all!

I’m very new to this, and plan to experiment with the idea myself, but just thought I’d pass this along right now.

I was thinking there’s no reason for people who don’t get VR sickness to have to deal with a slightly worse experience than the first timers or sensitive people.

As I understand it, a good example of something that causes VR sickness is maybe a hover bike, as it sways slightly back and forth a lot as it goes over the terrain below, so why not add a slider that will just adjust the amount of rotation of the camera relative to the vehicle?

What about other causes of VR sickness that could be adjusted in a manner like this?

Any thoughts? Or is this being done already and I just don’t know about it?

if we’re talking a hover bike type game, putting a long front on the hover bike would help because you can collide with stuff at a distance. you also would want to bounce off what you hit along the reflection vector, as abruptly stopping is jarring.

I think I would adjust the bike so it doesn’t sway rather than the camera. maybe just have the camera inherent roll and position and experiment with lag in the spring arm to mimic a human spine. Might need a custom built springy spring arm or a physics constraint.

Lone echo gives the players a bunch of settings players can adjust to fit their comfort level. Most games don’t have sliding motion to begin with though so it’s not like there is an industry standard out there.