IDE for Linux and setup

What is best IDE in Linux for UE4 and why?
And how I setup that IDE for UE4?

Do you mean visual studio code? If not and normal visual studio no, it wont work on linux.

If you’re willing to pay for it, clion by jetbrains is probably pretty good. I say probably because I haven’t used clion yet, but I’ve used pycharm and ruby mine by jetbrains and they were by far the best python and ruby IDE’s I’ve ever used.

Code::blocks is another good one. If you want a basic no frills IDE, geany is a pretty good one as well.

There’s how to configure a huge bunch of them. Which one’s the best? That relies on you, tbh. I’ve used Eclipse for years and I’m really happy with it, but you decide.

The .workspace file created for a project by UE4 employs the syntax of CodeLite. I’ve been using it and am satisfied and you don’t have to configure anything.

Important: Don’t install CodeLite using Aptitude, it will install a Jurassic version of the IDE that does not work well. Download the current .deb file from the site at and install it.

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