I'd like to work on something

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I got some offers which i’m considering at the moment, until then i1m not looking for new ones, thank you.**


As title says I’d like to work on a projekt. I have experience mostly in modelling and texturing and a little in blueprint prototyping and in animations.
I will work for free even on commercial projects unless we agree otherwise.

What I’d like in return:
-understand that this is just a hobby for me. Now I have some free time and interest making games and stuff, but it can change as it has happened before.
-I want to join a living project with realistic scope. It doesn’t have to be a great game. I’d prefer to work on a bad tetris or supermario clone which get finished in a couple of months than to work on the next AAA survival horror mmorpg.

I don’t have too much to show as I spend most of my time just learning stuff. Here are some old works:

drop me a pm if interested

More people like this please, ones that are realistic and down to earth!

Hi there!

Email me
or skype:

Talk soon!

Hi mzprox,

Very nice Models you have there. You are obviously a pro 3D Modeler.

Would you be interested in working on a unique project? I’m developing a Concept 3D EStore. Unlike the Traditional Web-based Asset Stores, the 3D World is made entirely of the Game Dev Assets that can be purchased/downloaded, and use in other game products. I’m actively seeking out Content Creators for Digital Products: Modelling, Animations, Textures Blueprints to stock in the Store.

I’m a code-centric gamer dev. I purchase lots of 3D Assets from the Unreal Marketplace (UMP), but I desire greater customization for 3D Characters, Vehicles, Weapons. To achieve a form mass customization in TheGameDevStore.VR, the Terms Of Service supports ‘Asset Modding’ in which 3D Modelers create skins/accessories/attachments for existing 3d model assets, which can be packaged and sold as Bundles. I really could use the assistance of 3D Modeler to flush out and demonstrate the power of Asset Modding.


There is a rudimentary RPG/FPS Game Layer, that runs on top of the TheGameDevStore.VR to provide Tools (Character Editors) , Game Mechanics (Melee/Projectile Combat) , Player Analytics to test Assets. Tools and Game Mechanics are modular systems, which themselves are products that can be sold from the Store. In the interim, I’m using several Blueprint systems I’ve purchased from UMP to expedite progress, which I either acquire the license to sell or swap them out for systems I can sell in the store.

Considering the World is created from a mix mash of assets, I’m adopting my game story/design from this RPG into the Game Layer which is opened to new ideas.

A great deal of work is already complete but require integration. The networking requiring custom code to communicate with the Web-based version of the store TheGameDevStore.com. The level map is not pre-built, in fact its a blank map. The first Tool to create is a Store World Editor to allow multiple users to spawn and orientate assets to build the world up in a collaborative fashion. This is an area where you could apply your blueprinting skills.

Thanks for reading and I sincerely look forward to your response.

Please contact me

Hey :slight_smile:
We are a team building a MMORPG with AAA graphics.
If you wanna join us and need more info e-mail me at: or

So, finally we meet, my arch nemesis… j/k but I’m building sci-fi 3rd person shooter as well(battle royale type). Hopefully, we wont overlap on the release dates… I’m almost complete as well.

I want you :slight_smile:

Hey there,
I am a student from Germany who wants to create a PC Game. I need people who want to join me on the trip to create a computer game. You can be a member/ developer that get payed when funds are raised on kickstarter. At the moment I only have a concept of hat the game will be like.

This is a SciFi game. You are a member of a company, that is specialized on neural networking and virtual reality.

You can enter the hub to dive into different scenarios.

The first scenario is a open world zombie apocalypse, where you and your friends have to gather resources and build bases to survive.

The idea of the game is to create something without an HUD, so everything is as realistic as possible. The engine is Unreal Engine 4.

So at the moment i can not pay you anything, out maybe it will work in the future with the help of fund raising.

Have a nice day!


Nice models. I have a small project close to fruition

First beta test was played today, started last month, wish to finish this small project by end of This month

  • I would gladly welcome some 3D models to add to the game. I have TB’s of models and can do stuff myself, but i prefer to collaborate to improve the simple project i have [iterations].
  • The main focus from a 3D model perspective is replacing Epic’s Skeletal Mesh and a few basic models (basic weapon, AI, Pawn ETC)
  • The bear Trap would fit very nicely into my World/ Maze [a nice Touch actor cause damage, currently i use Landmines (Low poly 6 sided hexagon **** mesh )]
  • My main focus is on code and level design so…


  • Start by creating your own thread instead of stealing other people’s [spoiler]https://forums.unrealengine.com/member.php?542226-Clockiy[/spoiler]

  • Also try actually creating some of you “IDEA” before making a few lines in a post on other people’s work.

  • Also, post some of what you can do or flesh out your idea into a real Documentation set.

The amount of teams i have seen without documentation is pretty crazy, they all flop.

  • oh and have fun!


  • over the years i have been making notes and writing documents for UDK, based on the success of my UT3 UIG i feel my UDK publications will also be greatly appreciated by the community (The ‘outdated’ Engine is not an issue as knowledge is transferable). As for Textures i have alot and create more all the time. i am always looking to be involved in projects. Consider me in the future if you like.

Hey everyone!

I got quite a few offers which i’m considering at the moment. Sorry if I did not reply to all of them, I might contact you later if the current one did not work out. thx

Hello! I am looking for someone to design some realistic looking cars/buildings with working code (ex. Make sure the cars drive) I don’t have anything to pay you now but once you contact me we can discuss that. My email is : hjrstudios@gmail.com thank you for your time.

Hunter Olson,
HJR Studios

Would like to chat contact me threw skype
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