Ice material, edges completely transparent?


Now I’m not a material expert, but I’m trying to get there. I am working on an ice material using a translucent blend mode. It’s coming along, however, there’s an issue I can’t solve. I want there to be some translucency, like when you see through thinner pieces of ice, but I want the thicker portions of the ice to be less transparent. Basically i’m going for some cloudy ice and would like to use some subsurface scattering with it.

The biggest problem I cant solve is when the camera approaches the edge of a mesh, it seems to become completely transparent. I’ll post some images below so you can see what I’m talking about. If any of you material masterminds have any ideas I would definitely appreciate it.


You don’t have a setup to control the depth or strength of your opacity. Try experimenting with the “Depth Fade” and “Fresnel” nodes. :slight_smile: good luck

Also you could try playing around with the “Scene Depth” and “Camera Position” nodes in combination with the “Distance” node.