i would love to be here but im stuck on the dang installer

i keep searching trouble shooting for launcher and unreal engine and nothing anywhere has helped. I tried to post debugging codes, error logs, searched other problems, made accounts on multiple sites, read through many other complaints and problems, and finally im here and i don’t see anything some im going to just throw my problems out into the open in hopes that a single person out there can help before i get redirected in some stereotypical “your not supposed to post this here” ****.

I want to work in VR, I want to get a team together, i have lots of concept ideas id love to share, but first thing is first i click launch and it sais “busy” then it sais “launch” and nothing ever launches and i have re-installed, and checked all the specs, and im just freeking sick of stairing at screens and forums with not even a single question or topic involving launcher issues.

so anyhow, if anyone is alive out there, please help for the love of 1’s and zeros.

thank you.

I’ve never encountered this problem, but what I would suggest is posting it https://answers.unrealengine.com under bug report.

This will get an actual staff member at Epic to look at it. Hope this helps at all