I was banned from the forums

Hey Epic guys.

I was banned from the forum after making my first post. It was about Free Custom Assets ready for UDK! [Only Download] - Epic Games Forums this old thread not being in the new forums. I thought it would be a great idea but right after my post about that I was banned and it looks like the thread was deleted.

It looks like there has been a few answerhub questions about bans in which they turn out to be false positives on spammers. I would hope this is what has happened to me and I didn’t offend anyone with the post.

Thank you for your time,
Michael Brune

I’d assume it’s due to it being a UE4 only forum and your post being about UDK…a ban may be a bit strong but still you may wish to update the title of the post to include UE4 and not mention the UDK…

He was posting on the UDK forum dude ^

Looks like a false positive to me, unless you we’re doing something else too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi MJBrune,

The ban has been lifted, could you post again? I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!

We’re working towards a better solution to combat spam and it should be in place soon so things like this don’t happen.

Once again I’m really sorry for this happening!

Kind regards,

Stacey Conley

Thanks a bunch. Not a big inconvenience at all and a very quick turn around as well.