I want to shoot Multiple Projectile on a single fire click

Well i am a basic coder , i don’t know much about blue print yet. i am trying to shoot two projectile on the fire click. i know it has to be done in the character.cpp , but i am not able to do it. If anyone can help me will be good. stuck here ! I did check Projectile one, it dnt have anything relevant.

You should be able to just add another SpawnActor call to spawn a second projectile. If you wish to make something with many projectiles, you could place the SpawnActor call in a For loop. This may create some issues with collision, but you could always make the two projectiles ignore collision with each other.

Thank U so much ! its done ! next i am trying to have sm fire and stop time with he fire thing. i may trouble u if i need more help. Thank agn !