I want to see the object through a specific object (orimental).

For example, if there’s a glass wall and there’s a certain box beyond it, you can see it through the glass wall like number one.

I’d like to make a shape where I can’t see a certain box if I go over to the other side of the glass wall.I don’t have a clue.

So I’m writing this to get advice from experts. crying

I don’t know if you’re just wondering if you’re going to have to make a blue print and work on it.I’m curious.

Is there a way, though?
To implement it in blue print…It’s so hard.

You could do this with a blueprint containing a collision volume and the cube.

When the player walks into the volume, the cube becomes visible.


If you wanna make it so the player can see it through the glass, that’s more fiddly…

Well, the ‘total’ way, would be some kind of portal. Not particularly simple, render targets and all sorts:

But there are stages in between. For instance, a line trace from the camera to check the player is looking through the glass.