I want to move NavMesh location VIA Blueprint

My main question is :
Is there a way to move the navmeshboundvolume location via Blueprints?
Spawning, AI and some others are restricted to the navmesh and if I create another navmeshboundvolume to the 2nd area, in example, unit that spawns will spawn in both navmesh.

hmm… i havent tried it, but

  • can you not just click on the nav mesh bounds
  • open level blueprint
  • right click and add reference to the nav mesh bounds
  • then set actor location ?

Something like this?


yea something like that.

did it work? not sure what the teleport thing is, that must be new in 4.9+ im still using 4.8 but teleport sounds like what you want maybe. You want it gone from current location and present at new right.

I see, I could try the teleport, but is there a way to see while testing the game if it does actually swap? When I spawn monsters it still spawn in the first location of my NavMeshBoundsVolume

Alright this is what my teleport NavMesh is

This is the Spawn Trigger

I tried to do simulate and press X as hotkey so I can spam the trigger right away doesnt seem to change spot.
Also when I had multiple Navmeshboundvolume the spawner would spawn monster randomly in both NavMeshBoundVolume

click on it. Simulate. And see if it changes position.

Whether it does or not, perhaps your spawning function is the problem. Maybe its not written the way it should be to do what you’re expecting?

Maybe post that here and explain it a bit.

ill take a look at this. I dont know that game though.
In the meantime, I’m not sure about input(pressing x) in the level blueprint. I’m assuming your set actor location with the teleport checkmark node is in the level blueprint right?

if so, just put a delay node before it of say 15 seconds and put event begin play before the delay. get rid of the press x. Hit simulate with the nav mesh box highlight and wait 15 sec and see if it moves.

My understanding of what youre trying to do:

  1. Spawn waves of enemies at random points specifically within the navmesh volume
  2. over time you want to move the navmesh bounds so that the spawns follow it to different locations

I dont know how you’re locking the spawns to the navmesh bounds specifically. I wouldnt do it that way but if its that node in the bottom left there maybe you need to specify which volume to spawn in, hence when you create a second one it spawns in both/all? Anyway if it already works, just see about moving the volume the way i suggested already and if it does you can trigger that move any number of ways.

I also took the Base Template of the the Geo Game

I tried to put delay and do event being play like this. The Location of where i want the NavMeshBoundVolume is in the same map as you can see in the first picture I put in the thread. This is what I put for the Level Blueprint

try unchecking teleport AND sweep test like that with both unchecked.

I just tested this myself on 4.8.3 and it worked fine for me. Instantly moved it.

I MANAGED TO MAKE IT WORK, but I had to add a couple of stuff xD
The only thing is, I need to replace the Event BeginPlay for if Boolean is TRUE.
but when I try to set the boolean in the map blueprint instead of Level Blueprint it doesnt detect at all the boolean.

WELL AFTER HOURS AND HOURS I FOUND ALL :smiley: anyway thanks for helping me man, it’s greatly apreciated ^-^ now I should be able to advance my game by a lot without hitting another wall hehehe

good stuff. choose an answer and mark this complete if its all good now :slight_smile: