I want to make pokemon game

i want to make pokemon game but i have no idea how to make in unreal engine no tutorials on unreal engine 4 ;(

There are countless tutorials on UE4. I suggest starting with the basics:

You aren’t going to find a tutorial that tells you how to make the exact game you want to make. Instead, do tutorials that seem somewhat similar and learn how the engine works, and then use that knowledge to create the game you want.

Please make something else instead of Pokemon because it is totally a wast of time.

Also it is copyrighted and you wouldn’t get permission

Chinese ppl have already made a bunch of copies…

Can’t really do much about the stuff in China

like who gives **** about copyright i just rename to something else…

there is no normal version of pokemon game in unreal engine only bunchg of **** on consoles

Ummm I think Nintendo cares about copyright. Name it Pokemon or even using ripped assets or using likeness of there characters can get you in a law suit.

That is not how copyright works.

worldoftanks666: Please mind your language.

Simmer down now.

You could avoid all problems with copyright and make something of similair design to pokemon but just not pokemon?

Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu - Wikipedia :smiley:

yea i just hate when there is good games but not good design…

This is why I make games, and rarely play them. Hard to take issue with things you don’t interact with.

thats why nitendo make bad designs :D:: D:D::d

Nintendo doesn’t make Pokemon.


nitendo 3d is **** console…
who buy that **** console even…