I want to make OnComponentHit(StaticMesh) fire without physic simulation

I add Pawn Class, and create components like the picture.
I want to detect whether the StaticMesh hits something or not. So I added ‘OnComponentHit(StaticMesh)’ event, but this doesn’t fire at all.


If the root component is Static Mesh, Event Hit works properly. (I think this is because the actor (self) is moving with the sweep is active.)
However, because of the features of the actor’s movement, I don’t want to set StaticMesh as root component.

StaticMesh has Collision, and collision preset (in pawn class) is BlockAllDynamic.
StaticMesh isn’t simulate physics or doesn’t sweep. (Although ‘self’ moves with sweeping.)
I want to make OnComponentHit(StaticMesh) fire in this condition. How can I make it?

Bump, running into the same issue