I want to hide certain modeling parts.

I’m making modular clothing in the game.
I want to hide certain parts of the body after getting dressed.
I want to know how to solve it.


That’s not something that can be easily done. It would be best to make sure that your mesh doesn’t intersect like that, or model it so that things aren’t overlapping (that you would only have the feet if the legs are covered in clothes)

Thank you, darhviper107
I’m currently working on modeling.
However, the more diverse the clothing parts are combined, the more difficult it is to model. (Like a long boot combination in buggy pants)
Is it possible to hide only certain parts of a non-priority part by giving priority to each part in the Unreal?

It’s technically possible to make something always render over another, but you would have issues if say the character was running and their foot comes up in front of their pants but instead it would render behind it.

How about a switch actor? It’s used for that specific purpose. It might require a bit more than a one-level system or organization for your intentions though. Read about it here:

Thank you, Preston 42382.
I will look for relevant information.

Thank you for your reply.
The position of the feet and pants will be adjusted. (An example of the picture is not good.)
Do you have any information for reference on the ability to render (hide) a particular part of the image?