I want to grab something with the grip button (toggle) but shoot with trigger

Ok so I’m fairly new to Unreal Engine and yet I was smart enough to make one of my final projects for my AP programming class a VR game off of unreal engine. I thought since it had the same basic principles of C++ I could pull it off, but so far I’m not having as much luck as I was hoping. But I’m starting to understand blueprints the more and more I work with it, I’ve watched tutorials online on how to grab a gun I 3D modeled but I can’t get it to grab with the Oculus Touch controller’s grip button, it only works with the trigger. I’m learning about Enums right now if that has anything to do with it. I’m using the VR starter in the Unreal and basically haven’t done much except toggle the grabbing instead of just holding and releasing, but I might change that because it’s weird when your not grabbing stuff and when you just pressing it in the air. Any ideas? I need this answered ASAP because I got to move on to the next thing I need to start prototyping for the project.