I want to create a smoke simulation for a building where the particles can collide to the walls and to the surroundings and disperse/ relocates/ fades out with time. Can someone please demonstrate a workflow for this as I am really new to UE

I want to create a smoke simlulation inside a building floor level where The smoke spawns from one point of the floor and spreads through out the floor where the smoke particles collide and disperse from the wall and acts like a physical smoke. I am having a hard time working my way to it as I am new to UE4. Please some one explain the workflow. I am in Dire need of this as my job depends on it.

Have a look at this great tutorial from EPIC: Into to Cascade: Particle Terminology | 01 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Here you find the most what you Need. You should realy look at this first before you create harder Things. So you’ll get a better understanding whats going on with particles.

It’s really nice of you to reply. I am looking into it now. I was already thinking of starting it from the bottom. I’ll be doing that now.