I want to be able to run the third person template on my server and play multiplayer, but I'm stumped by AWS EC2 instance.

I read this blog

Compiling Unreal Engine 4 Dedicated Servers for AWS Graviton EC2 Instances | AWS for Games Blog (amazon.com)

And I Created m6g.large EC2 instance

It didn’t work, so now it’s on Sttopped.

I get False when I run the following command in PowerShell

Test-NetConnection -ComputerName “AWS Public IP address” -Port 7777

PingSucceeded and TcpTestSucceeded False…

I would first like to be able to run the third person template on my own server and be able to play multiplayer!

And after that, I would like to implement VoiceChat

In order to do that, I have to solve this problem first, can anyone help me?

Have you created a security group and set the appropriate inbound and outbound rules? You’ll have to apply that security group to that instance as well after creating it…

You could just open all the ports just to initially make a connection and fine tune it from there, but maybe keep your static public IP obscure from the world while you do so. I’m not sure of the implications of leaving them all totally open, but the RDP is pretty secure so I feel like your EC2 instance backend will be fine. Just don’t take my word on that part 100%.