i want to add to actor's health with a button press

how do you cast or reference an actor inside the pawn character blueprint?
i tried to use get owner but that did not work.

i want to press a button in my controller and add to that character’s health.
if there is an easier way of doing this please tell me

To be clear, do you mean a button ‘on the controller’ or ‘button in a widget’? And you want to get a reference to the player from the widget?

In a widget:

Button on a game controller:


and in the character:


button on a controller. in my character blueprint i want to add an input even, let’s say the E key on the keyboard, and i want to add to the health of another actor everytime i press the E key, how would i do that?

sorry i didnt make my question clear enough

Ok, then it’s just my 4rd pic, by change the AddHealth action for KeyboardE :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ah, sorry, OTHER actor, hold on…

So what other actor, another player? Are you working in multiplayer?

ok thanks!! i can’t try this now but ill let you know if it worked or not :smiley:

i don’t want to change the health of “my” character, i want to change the health of a “different actor” on key press
that means i would need to cast to that actor or reference it in some way which i do not know how XD

I understand. You could health to other players like:

Cool… tell me how it goes.