I want a refund and your "Contact us" links are all dead. Im serious I want a refund.

I paid for the newest version of the unreal engine, upfront. instead of offering a complete item, you know with animation sets and psk, inventory articles, some textures (materials) etc.

What I got was marketing hype. An unfinished product that needed 6 more months of development before released. A buggy product, that really offers less than the UDK.

This is not a new version of unreal editor, this is a maya . That is what you have reduced your product to.

The fact that you have so immulated autodesk products and streamlined your product to really only work through maya is complete BS.

I never liked anything labeled autodesk and now I really hate your product.

I could soap box about this further but the point is moot.

There is no way to contact your company, so you get to hear about it here.

Shame on you for this crappy marketing ploy. Build a better product, you know like you used to do, before you sold your soul to autodesk. No something half built then released for updates and DLC.

DLC? really??? why wasnt all this “market place” **** included with the game??? SHAME ON YOU. THIS IS BS.

regardless, I WANT my $20 bucks back.

make that happen.

Did I mention I have used unreal editor since it was released as beta with unreal?? circa 1997ish.

No idea what you are going on about there, I have not used maya once, or even 3ds to build my projects. Since the full source is available, I can import in whatever format I want. Also since the models and such use FBX, you could use blender instead. For textures you could use GIMP, or PAINT.NET instead of photoshop. You are not forced to use any particular product.

You can just send Epic an e-mail.
It’s stated that this is still an early adopter version ("The current release is aimed at early adopters, and it has some rough areas:"), also it isn’t just autodesk. Epic donated 10k$ to get better blender fbx support and workflow with ue4.

There aren’t any dlc’s, on the marketplace you have a lot of free content, and also paid content from other companies. An engine isn’t content. An engine is a set of tools, to use content and to (depends) make it.

Also, unreal engine isn’t a game, it’s a tool to create games.

Users have been clamoring for a way for developers and artists to sell content to each other. Why should something other people created be taken by Epic and included in the engine?

There are something like 20 gigs of free content from Epic on the marketplace, that you’re free to download and include in your own projects. People with no other association with Epic can choose whether to sell their content or make it available for free. What’s the problem here?

Hi Cheewa,

I’ve just wanted to let you know I’ve passed this message along. Someone will be in touch with you soon to discuss your concerns.

Hey Cheewa - check your PM, I’ll help you get sorted out


Well, there’s a huge amount of misinformation in 's post, so let’s try and clear some things up for new members who might see this!

How exactly are they not offering a ‘complete item’, as you claim? They’re not only offering a compiled build of the engine, along with the launcher, but the complete source code. That’s certainly a ‘complete’ package right there. Similarly, Epic hae released animation sets, textures/materials/shaders, meshes/models and a huge amount of additional sample content. All of which you’ll find in the marketplace - for free!

I’m not completely sure what you mean by ‘marketing hype,’ exactly, because it’s rather clearly stated that it’s in on-going development still. The frequency of updates, hotfixes and so forth alone should have clearly demonstrated that to you. However, I’d argue that the product isn’t near as ‘buggy’ as you make out. I think that’s rather clearly proven by the amount of titles currently in development / already released using the engine.

This point here really makes you sound like a troll and nothing more. It’s hard to take you seriously from this point. Why? Because the usage of Maya or 3ds is completely nonessential. You could use any software / modeling package that you like. Blender will work, for example. It isn’t just FBX that can be imported, either - the engine supports other formats.

There’s countless ways to contact Epic directly. They’re extremely transparent on this, which really makes it seem like you haven’t tried. You do know that Facebook and Twitter exist, right?

I’ve already touched on the ‘marketing ploy’ nonsense and the like. Though, I’m utterly stunned by the statement of downloadable content. That’s even more silly. Epic aren’t asking you to pay any additional money for content they release and they’ve already put out a huge amount of sample projects to demonstrate the versatility of the engine. All of which, by the way, can be used commercially.

Is there a marketplace? Yes. It isn’t limited to Epic-created content, though. This was something that was asked for by the community as a whole. It’s a way for developers (or vendors) to sell content to developers, allowing them to prototype and iterate faster. If you don’t want to buy their content, you don’t have to do so. You’ll still have access to everything that Epic releases for free.

In the end, some people will never be happy! :wink:

I dont do facebook or tweeter.

I dont use blender because it is just a maya knock off.

A good example of “needing another 6 months of development” is the Maya Animation Rigging tool. Where “Running a resolution under 1920 x 1080 will result in UI elements being cut off”. Really, couldn’t add a scroll bar or make the windows scalable before releasing? So to anyone running less resolution this tool is worthless.

Static meshes only import via FBX or OBJ, with FBX being a breeze and obj being less than friendly, usually in regard to textures. How bout collada dae or some other options.

I stand by the statement that UE has been reduced to a maya . Unless you are doing work flow through maya it is nothing near friendly.

By not using maya I still have to run files through maya to convert to the fbx format. Oh but why not just use the autodesk fbx converter? because it does not save smoothing. So I am using a gazillion dollar program like maya for nothing more than file conversion to fbx.

This new editor is almost wholly dependent on Maya, geared to be used in conjunction with and not conducive to other work flow avenues.

I could care less about trolling this site, if the proper means of contacting Epic were in working order, I would never had ventured into these forums.

Thank you for you time, and opinion. But in the end, I feel that based on prior products of UE this is lacking and gimmicky and does not warrant my money.

“here’s a huge amount of misinformation in 's post, so let’s try and clear some things up for new members who might see this!”

There is no misinformation stated, new members. Caveat emptor.


Please stop spreading misinformation. UE4 is not merely a Maya . As I stated already, I have not even used Maya since using UE4. And others have already given you alternative methods, that you have chosen to not use, this does not make UE4 a bad tool or a knock off, or a . Its unfortunate that you have had bad experiences, and I hope you and Epic can get to the bottom of it, be it a refund or what else may arise.

  • ART is an extra tool Epic presented to their users who use Maya, and they didnt even have to do a favour like that since it isn’t a part of the engine.
  • There are bazillion users who dont even touch Maya and use UE4 easily so you should consider the possibility that you may have a broken workflow.
  • Whichever engine you use in the future, make sure you check out the forums more often and not only when you want a refund.

Good luck!

just stop spreading those misinformation and i’ll give you 20$ or more if you wanted to
and for information .fbx is the only format used by game engines and .obj is an additive one that unreal engine 4 worked on to make life easier for some people and the ART tool is only available in maya because of the ease of programming in python (or mel ) which are not available in other softwares.

Here is an idea, stop using Maya if you don’t like the for it.

There’s many other programs that support FBX without having to use an Autodesk product. And Blender is nothing like Maya. Sounds like there’s something wrong with you

Clear this guy is a troll and I dare say he wouldn’t even be able to produce an receipt for his purchase. He’s been using Unreal Ed since '97 and clearly has no idea what UE actually is. Maya … pfft. Clearly never even opened the editor. And I also don’t use Maya and never had a problem.

If this guy is even for real, I suggest Epic close this thread, it serves no purpose than show either 1. The troll is strong in this one or 2. Some people really are thick as bricks

Yeah like he said, he could care less about trolling the forums, so that means he cares at least a little bit about trolling us. Unless of course he means he couldn’t care less, then in that case he has pretty much everything backwards. There is no Autodesk vendor lock-in and when someone brought up Blender he completely dismissed it with an inaccurate remark.

I’m not entirely sure who uses a low resolution monitor to develop on either. I’m guessing this guy isn’t a professional developer judging by the entitlement when it comes to the marketplace, expecting artists are going to make his art assets for free.

You should forget psk, FBX is universal as many programs uses it to export models and animations from 3DSMAX to Blender, also the money given to Blender fundation shows that Epic consider seriously other software.

You have paid for an evolving engine like some early access, it is not so buggy as many people are succesfully making real games with it, new features and improvments coming each time. It’s lot better modern editor than UDK in many points, you should instead post your problems with UE4 that way people could help you resolve them.

Come on . Let’s work through it brother. Give it a little time. Baby steps, baby steps. Can’t join today and quit today. We are all trudging through this in the beginning. It gets easier as you go along. Blender is your friend. Download it and go through this:


In a few days you’ll be on your way.


Meds buddy.

On a more serious note what u on about. Obviously you have no clue what you are talking about. Good luck.

To the point i haven’t seen many programs that dont use FBX or support you exporting anims. Infact i know lots of people that rig and animate with blender, , Modo and so on.

You sir need a new workflow and like i said MEDS they are good for you.

More 15 years of work with Autodesk Sofware like Maya & XSI but i am not familary with Game software industrie , i can say thank you Epic for this user friendly technologie , Now I can fulfill my dream^^

I don’t know why people take this BS thread serious? 20 bucks, oh wow… those bucks must mean the world to you? This thread is a waste of space.