I want a refund and your "Contact us" links are all dead. Im serious I want a refund.

I lost it at “I dont use blender because it is just a maya knock off.”. The worse part is that if mods deleted **** posts like this, they’d be accused of censorship :frowning:

This is clearly a troll guys.

I mean the way he writes, his first sentece, his arguments. Everything just screams troll.

C4D anyone? LOL…Guess Im a loner :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi everyone,

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This thread made my day.

Same thing. Laugh out loud.

@cheewa That’s hilarious! You should do stand up comedy instead of bothering with maya

not to throw some oil on the fire, but i don’t know what this guy is talking about :x
maya is a modeling and animation software
ue4 is not a modeling software and you can’t rig any models with it, or create new animation sequence for your characters. you need maya for that
it would be a challenge to do without a modeling and animation software.


Well i must admit that at some point i did honestly believe there was a conspiracy to only make Maya work with UE4. Because no matter what i tried my animations were not working from another package.

That’s when i realized i never clicked the button saying export the animation.
And soon after my conspiracy had no ground anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

It can’t have any conspiracy on this, autodesk provides an regular updated FBX SDK, the one used by any brand that develops any 3d animation software I0 think about blender, lightwave, cinema 4D or 3dcoat, and some more.
well all this developers can freely get the FBX sdk and include the support of this file format into their 3d software.
Long time ago everybody thought that the most common and universal 3d file format to exchanged between various 3d app would be Collada format, but finally the FBX become has won against collada.

Epic and Valve offers payed blender foundation so they can hire proper people to have a consistent support with the two engine ( source engine / unreal engine )
so there is no conspiracy, blender is good tool if you know how to use it. Maya is better when it comes to handle multiple projects, and build a good pipeline of tools for big or small studio .