I want a laptop that can run UE5 smooth but i have no idea about computers

I hope i posted in the right Forum. What you need to know about me:
I don’t have a clue about computers and work with an old laptop from 2014 and want something new. The reason is, Unreal Engine 5 does work, but only laggy. Can someone recommend a laptop that i can buy, that can use UE5 without laggs?
Would also be nice if i could play No mans sky with it. ( My laptop does not handle it right now:(
) I would appreciate any help. My bugget is around 700 euro. But that does not mean that i want to spend that mutch.
Wish all of you a good week.

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“700 Euro” and “runs UE5 editor well” don’t go together, I’m sorry.
You need to push it to 64 GB of RAM if at all possible, although small projects can fit in 32 GB of RAM.
You need a SSD for any kind of build performance, and at least 512 GB of storage space on that SSD.
And you need some amount of GPU power – a RTX 3060 and up.
Even if you’re cutting it to the bone, for small play projects only, it’s hard to get discrete graphics at all (even a RTX 3050) and enough RAM (even 16 GB, which is too little) under about 800 Euro – and even there, you have to go looking for bargains!

In general, the CPU that’s in the laptop doesn’t matter as much, because if you can get the appropriate GPU (A NVIDIA RTX 3060 or better) and enough RAM (32 GB or more,) then CPU is likely going to be sufficient. Those other components will limit you more.


ty for the answer.
So, that means that i have to save more money. How mutch do you recommend?
Edit: MSI Stealth GS77 12UHS-063 - 17,3" UHD 120Hz Display, Intel Core…

Found this one for 5k. You mean something like that?

Or is there a laptop you could recommend? I searched a bit but it is hard to even find such a laptop. Would a pc be cheaper?

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PC would defintely be cheaper, and more modular.

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is there any Pc you could recommend?

You have to go with the spec. Usually, that means you use a ‘make your own’ service.

Notice, this is the absolute MINIMUM spec.

You’d be much better off with

More CPU cores ( 12+ )
16GB RAM upwards ( as much as 64 if you’re expecting to build large scenes and use Nanite )
Nvidia 2 or 3000 series GPU
SSD: at least 1TB ( no HDD ).

Ty. I will use this information. I will now search for a good computer.

I have a RTX 2070 TI and 32 gbs of ram, and UE5 runs great. For bigger projects like @FloraBorn said, you’ll probably need something better. But that’s for an open world 8k texture project. :grinning:

Something minimally useful can probably be had for about 1000 EUR.
Something like ASUS F17 JVQ MP: https://amzn.to/3MTONgv
That’ll run No Mans Sky just fine, and let you get started on UE5.
More RAM would help the most on top of that. A step up on GPU would be the next step. To do those upgrades, you end up at 1200-1300 EUR in price.

A desktop you put together from parts is likely to let you upgrade it as you go, so it may be better if you don’t need to move around.

  1. Dont a buy a laptop for game development, unless you plan to live in a van and travel daily

  2. Save some more money. Video cards prices are dropping, you may buy something that will handle it ok for 1000 euros. Not necessarily a top level machine, but enough to make not-graphics-heavy indie games


I have seen some terrible nightmares laptops this deys with performances that exceed alot the unreal engine minimum requirements there was one with huge fans which gave the impression of being able to fly away…

lave the $ 9,000 laptop alone to day…take a big step into the future Get a $ 9,000 server double or quad tesla and stream everything to a poop laptop with a good screen and you can bet that unreal egine runs better with the same money I accept old rusry penny coin bets

The Dell G15 Laptop works fine for me. I read many reviews and finally found it for around 700 Euros in the local store. Here the stats:

  • CPU: Intel Core i9-12900H (5.0 GHz)
  • GPU: 8 GB GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR5
  • Storage: 1 TB PCIe SSD (M.2)
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels

For larger projects I use cloud resources and storage, so I stay flexible.

Hmmm… I smell a rat… 700?

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The linked blog post is rather informative. It includes a direct source link to the official dell website, which shows the G15 gaming laptop is $899.99. Thanks for the helpful insight, and welcome to the community @gamanolo!

899 is the price for the base model… The one with the specs he mentioned costs 1750 :sweat_smile:


Fair enough; perhaps they mixed up the listing. In the blog post shared, they mentioned that the price ranged from $949 - $2,000, depending on the configuration. Mistakes happen. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sad because I would have bought it at that price :rofl:

My PC weights 22kg and I can’t really carry it around when I move. I’m using it through rdp but it’s not the same thing of a physical machine.

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You and me both! A laptop with those specs at that price sounds too good to be true, though. :laughing:

I miss having a laptop; I haven’t had one in over a decade now. :computer:

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which laptop brands give best price for below?

13th gen cpu, i7 or i9
64gb ram
Rtx 3070 or stronger (not sure about this one, my projects are mostly small interior scene with 4K texture, yes ray trace and will do VR in editor)
(Will not publish)

No need 4K monitor, will project to large scene in presentation
No need light weight or large battery